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Paul Green Tyres has been trading for over 20 years. 
We started trading in 1997, initially selling off-road bike tyres, but the business expanded to road bike tyres, and then car & van tyres, and the rest is history!

Paul really enjoys off-road riding when he has time.  He's competed in a lot of events, some well known and some not.  Paul was 4th overall in the first ever Dawn to Dusk, and has taken part in the Red Bull Romaniacs twice where he came 2nd in the Prologue, during his first attempt in 2008.

We have lots of different types of people visiting the garage every year.  Sometimes we get more well known people calling in such as Alfie Cox, Cyril Despres, Simon Crayfar, Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor,  and of course our good friends Matt Hall (Race to Dakar), Chris Salt (Roof of Africa).
Over the years Paul has amassed a great knowledge of tyres, tubes and mousses, and he is able to offer advice relating to which tyres will suit your vehicle.  This relates to all types of tyres - car, van, road bike, off-road bike etc.
On lots of occasions customers have called to the garage to get their tyres checked, under the impression that they are needed as someone has told them they do.   If the tyres need to be changed we will explain to you why, but if they don't, we will also tell you that too, and provide an estimation of roughly how much longer your tyres will be road legal - this covers cars, vans, motorhomes and road bikes.
We stock both budget and branded car and van tyres, and are grateful for the support received from the local community and those from further afield.  We do our best to accommodate anybody wishing to have tyres fitted or punctures repaired, although sometimes we may not be able to do the work straight away. 

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