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EF07 SL - (Green Band) known as the ultimate extreme Enduro tyre.

This tyre is FIM Approved, but has a tyre compound similar to that of a trials tyre. It is suitable for extreme events where Trials tyres are not permitted.  These tyres have been tested by both Romaniacs and Dakar riders, who were amazed by the extent to which these tyres grip whilst riding across river beds and rocky climbs.

Size available - 140-80-18 - in stock now - price - £55.00


Here is the EF07 - double green stripe ultimate extreme enduro tyre, and it's FIM approved.  The tyre is supersoft and easily spotted because of the double green bands.  You get excellent grip in extreme conditions.  This tyre would be suitable for the type of terrain available at the Roff of Africa, Erzberg and the Romaniacs.


Size available - 140-80-18 - £59.00



This front tyre is suitable for soft to hard terrain.  The pattern guarantees excellent running properties and self-cleaning abilities.

The tyre is available in three different banded colours - All tyres are e-marked and FIM approved.

Red - suitable for motocross and off-road use - 90-90-21 - £42

Yellow - suitable for enduro and extreme riding as it has a softer compound than the red stripe - 90-90-21 - £45

Green - suitable for enduro and extreme riding - has a softer compound than the yellow stripe - 90-90-21 - £45

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