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The Mitas XT754 - also known as the Beasty Boy for the sheer size of it's chunks.  This tyre is excellent for wet, muddy and slippery conditions.  It has very aggressive and an open tread pattern for maximum mud clearance.

Size - 120-90-18 - £55.00


The Mitas EF07 - Double Green - which is super soft and gives excellent grip for most extreme conditions.  This tyre is excellent for extreme enduros and widely used at the Romaniacs, Roof of Africa and Erzberg.

Size - 140-80-18 - £62.00


Mitas EF07 - SL - Single Green - This tyre is FIM approved, and is designed to grip exceptionally well and allow you to climb difficult terrain, which is just what extreme enduros are all about.  This tyre would suit any extreme enduro or extreme riding, be it in this country or abroad. 

Size - 140-80-18 - £55.00


The Mitas XT946 Ice is road legal.  This tyre suits hard rocky, wet and slippery surfaces as it has soft deep knobbles.  It is an excellent tyre for Hare and Hounds events.

Size - 120-100-18 - £55.00


The Mitas XT-454 is a super soft extreme tyre, and is really suited to cross country events.  You get excellent grip in most conditions because of the flat rounded profile, but it's really at its best in soft terrain. This is not a tyre for hard fast racing but precise and skilful negotiation of terrain.

Size - 110-100-18 - £55.00


Mitas C19 - Green Band - This tyre is FIM approved and is road legal.  It has a light compound with a soft casing and tread rubber for excellent performance and traction on tough trails.  The carcass is lighter than the C19 yellow stripe.

Mitas C19 - Yellow Band - This tyre is FIM approved and is road legal.  It has a soft compound with soft casing and rubber tread for a superior performance and traction over a variety of terrain ranging from soft to hard.  This tyre has excellent grip on rocky terrain, and and is suitable for Enduro and Extreme Enduro.

Size - 90-90-21 - £45.00
Size - 90-100-21 - £49.00

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