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We are proud to announce that we are now UK Dealers for Dal Soggio suspension

Dal Soggio Sphere Cartridge
The Sphere Cartridge was deisgned and developed for the most demanding riders who want the very best from their off-road forks.  The cartridge completely replaces the standard units with precision components, giving a greatly enhanced ride quality, and an increased range of adjustment.  The Sphere Cartridge is available for all models of forks such as WP XPLOR, WP 4CS Cross, WP 4CS Enduro, WP Open, KYB, Marzocchi and Sachs 48
£900 inc VAT
(excluding carriage)
Fitting can be arranged for an extra fee


1.  Compression Regulator -  This has 38 clicks of adjustment, which gives a wide and precise range of settings

2. Automatic Bleed Valve - These valves are calibrated to ensure the correct internal pressure


3.  Bladder - The pressurised bladder system guarantees a greater sensitivity to the front fork


4.  Compression Piston - It is made from aluminium and is then anodised.  It has 4 ports to ensure a greater and more precise oil flow


5.  Rebound Piston - This is made from aluminium and then anodised. It has 4 oil ports, which decreases the wear of oil and shims.  It also has a teflon band which provides greater sensitivity to the hydraulic cartridge


6.  Rebound Regulator - 38 Clicks of adjustment is available, which provides a wide and precise range of settings


7.  Fast Preload Adjuster - This provides the ability for fast changes to the front fork without the need to remove the hydraulic cartridge


8.  Cartridge Rod Seal - the oil seal has a specific profile which has been designed to avoid a slip-stick effect on the small movements of the shock absorber



Designed and Created by Paul Green Tyres