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Mitas mousses were developed to fit the Mitas off-road tyres.  They have been developed and tested on multiple types of terrain.  The mousses are available in various sizes, but we stock the following:-
140-80-18 - standard - with an estimated air pressure of 0.8/1.1
140-80-18 - soft or extreme - with an estimated air pressure of 0.5/0.6
120-90-18 - standard - with an estimated air pressure of 0.8/1.0
90-90-21 - standard - with an estimated air pressure of 0.8/1.0
80-100-21 - standard - with an estimated air pressure of 0.8/1.0
All the above sizes are £90 each - new stock arriving end of July 2020
If you want to have the mousse fitted at the garage, you will need to book an appointment slot, and there is a £5 charge to fit the mousse - to a loose wheel.  Please do not bring your bike with you, unless agreed in advance. 
The standard mousse is suitable for all types of terrain, whereas the soft version is more suitable for hard terrain, and the extreme for the extremely hard types of terrain.
All mousses come with an instruction guide and a tube of mousse gel, which you should use to fit the mousse.  The gel reduces friction between the mousse and tyre, and so prolongs the life of the mousse.
Always fit rim locks.   Without a rim lock the tyre can easily spin on the rim, leading to poor grip and friction-heat which rapidly damages the mousse.
Mousses are designed for off-road competition and are not road legal.

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